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Entry #6

Voice reel thingy. My name is Chronoskun and this is my old sound/music alias account thingy

2012-09-30 22:23:05 by Kronoa

SO I'm going to be submitting, for the first time ever, a voice reel of me doing lots of voices in a few minutes. I don't care what people think, I just want to get it out there in multiple places on the net. I was always super shy about doing these, but something told me to go ahead do it just to get it over with.

I've also kept this account as strictly a music alias, because my main one got the sound privileges insta-banned all because the mod thought I was using garage band loops. which I was not. My main net alias is Chronoskun.
and I can be mainly found and followed here...

where I chirp:
Where I post what I'm reeaaally good at:
And if you care enough:

my main newgrounds account:

I should be coming back from the dead on that account soon enough.


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