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working on stuff. my philosophy on my submitions.

2011-04-01 17:24:08 by Kronoa

been slowly submitting music again. and to be honest I try to make it as good as I can. I'm no professional nor do I strive to be. I just share what I create at that moment. good reviews and ratings are good and all, but that's not what I care about. as long as some one listens, like it or not, its all good.
I mentioned in my first post that this is just a side hobby.

some of my music is pretty low in score, and some stuff I do look back on and say, "why did I submit that?" and go with what the public rates.
and some stuff might be underrated. there is always better music out there. I know.
It's all subjective.

I do touch better on a more ambient side to music. It feels just epic and right for me to play the slow stuff.
Enjoy what you like, and if you, or even 100+ people don't like some of my stuff, it doesn't bother me. I'm just sharing what I like to do and that's all there is to it.




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